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What's being said about Victory...

"My Property Manager is prompt, organzied and provides clear information.  She is always able to address questions at the board meetings and via email"  
P. Tucker, Board Member, Glen Burnie ~ 8/20/2010

"Victory Management is composed of professionals that run a tight ship and are very responsive to the communities needs" 
K. Cook, Board Member, Annapolis ~ 9/17/2010

"My Property Manager has been extremely helpful.  Any time I have had a question or needed clarficiation she was there to assist.  And I am very appreciative of her quick response."  T. Acker, Board Member, Annapolis ~ 9/18/2010

"I can't think of anyone better to support our HOA then our Property Manager.  Her attention to detail is invaluable and she goes above and beyond for us." 
L. Mahoney,  Board Member, Odenton ~ 7/18/2010

“As a new Board member to a condo board, I find Victory easy to work with.  Victory reps at meetings are personable, knowledgeable and empowered to make decisions instead of saying…. “Don’t know – will have to get back to you”.  It’s been a nice change!”  P. Southworth, Board Member, Odenton  ~ 8/31/2012

“I want to thank you for all your support and assistance you have given me in my tenure as President.  You have been instrumental in helping this community to get back on its fiscal feet.”  R. Bosworth, Board Member, Crofton ~ 8/24/2012

“Our Property Manager makes great suggestions and also listens to what we think is best for our community.” 
B. Pfautsch, Board Member, Arnold ~ 8/22/2012

“Victory Management is very professional and more importantly responds quickly to our residents.”  H. Mahr, Board Member, Annapolis ~ 8/23/2012

“Our Property Manager is an excellent representative for Victory Management.  We feel lucky to have Victory in our corner.” 
J. Emrich, Board Member, Pasadena ~ 8/20/2012 

“Our Property Manager has been a fabulous manager.  She has answered all of our prayers.  She is quick and effective in her response times and communications.” 
N. Landers, Board Member, Odenton ~ 9/13/2012

“Victory Management provides excellent service to our community.  Staff members are always courteous and helpful.  They have knowledge and expertise to handle all situations and do so in a timely manner.  Victory by far is the best in the area and I highly recommend them!.”
G. Tucker, Board Member, Annapolis ~ 08/05/2014

“We knew we picked a winner as soon as we met Vicki! 
T. Popovich, Board Member, Crofton - 6/20/2014

“Thank you again for the lovely welcome package, so nice to see civility and class alive and well with Victory Management.” 
M. Durst, Homeowner, Edgewater - 6/17/2014

“Thank you so much for your rapid response to my requests.  Victory is the easiest and fastest management company to work with in the whole County.” Lieutenant A. Hrobar, AACO Fire & Rescue - 7/18/2014