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Victory Management, Inc. ~ Celebrates 25 Years in Business

Victory Management Inc. will celebrate twenty five years in business in October 2015. This is a substantial milestone and a proud moment for owner Victoria Burnett, PCAM a native Annapolitan. Since its establishment in 1990, Victory Management, Inc. has been professionally managing condominium and homeowner associations in Anne Arundel and Queen Anne Counties.

Victoria Burnett’s business philosophy is to create long term partnerships with each community. This is evidenced by the company’s outstanding retention of clients. Victory’s growth has been measured and consistent over the years because it is their number one priority to continue to provide outstanding service to their existing clients.  This has served Victory well as they have become one of the most successful and largest property management companies in the area. Victoria Burnett credits her success not only to her business philosophy but also to a few notable differences between Victory and their competition. These include:

·      Victory is highly specialized. Ms. Burnett explains, “We manage only condominium and homeowners associations, not rentals, commercial properties, etc.   Condominium and HOA management is our area of expertise.”

·       Victory has proven efficient systems in place to meet any community’s needs but is small enough to offer a personal touch.  Each community is different, has specific, unique requirements and Victory property managers know their properties personally.

·       Clients learn Victory from the top down. Victoria Burnett personally manages all new properties to ensure a smooth transition and continuity.

·       Victory is consistently developing technology, services and programs to improve the quality of management and stay ahead of the curve. “Each year I select 3-5 focus areas for modernizing and/or improvement. In the last couple of years this has included upgrading our website to be a more interactive tool for owners, developing a welcome package program for new owners and most recently online ballot voting.”

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