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Team Work

The people at Victory, are experienced, interested and will be involved in the successful operation of your community. Our people are professionally trained in physical property management, assessing your financial needs, communicating, negotiating and taking the positive steps necessary to establish and maintain a well-run community.

Below are some of the Administrative Functions, Victory can provide:

·       Maintain Owner Property Files
·       Administrate Transfer of Ownership
·       Accept, Investigate & Respond to Complaints
·       Assist the Board in Enforcing the Rules & Regulations
·       Advise the Board on Standard Operating Procedure in accordance with Maryland Law
·       Process Architectural Control Applications
·       Inspect, Evaluate and Respond to Violations
·       Resolve Issues in Accordance with Board Policy 
·     Provide 24 Hour Emergency Answering Service
·       Administer Work Orders and Obtain Bids for Services
·       Assist in Preparation of Contracts and in Evaluating Contractors’ Performance
·       Lease and Absentee Owner Administration
·       Periodic Inspections of the Property
·       Attendance at Board Meetings
·       Maintain Records and Association Documents
·       Prepare Written Correspondence
·       Develop and Maintain Owner Email Authorization List
·       Pool Pass Administration
·       Process Insurance Claims
·       Provide Community Webpage

Victory's Exclusive Programs Include
·      Welcome Package Program for New Owners 
·      Monthly Association Resource Information Program (M.A.R.I)

To schedule a consultation or get more information on how Victory can help you, please call (443) 249-0172 ext. 12 or email info@victorymgt.com